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Creations made through my games and artworks partly or fully inspired by any of my games!

Since I love seeing and sharing what people make with my games (or by inspiration from my games) I figured it would be neat the feature some of them here! :D

Some screen captures from the games may have been edited as well which is perfectly fine! But just mentioning in case you see something that you can't find in my games!



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Game Creation of the Week Winner!

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 6, 2015, 3:18 AM

Heya! :D
Since commissions are closed and no longer need the information on my front page on deviantART, I figured I'd replace it with the game creation of the week winners! :D
If the winner is from DeviantART then I can show and link to it here as well and not just link to it! :D

Week 39
This weeks winner is :iconggg805: with the following creation:
lonely knight by ggg805
(Still can't add full sized picture, I really have no clue of why so I'll have to stick with the thumbnails... :<)

I really love the bright colors in this while at the same time having a serene feeling about it and a bit of a sad feeling as well. Good job!

Congratulations! You now have 25% chance of winning the game creation of the month and a free spot for your character of choice in a game of mine! :D

The winner of the month will be announced later today! I need some time to think about it as I love all four of the months winners, so be sure to check again if you're curious (the winner will be contacted by me). ^.^


Game: Cursed Fairy Creator by Missangest
Game: Cursed Fairy Creator
Play the game here:

YAAAY! Stayed up late last night and has been working hard the entire day (keeping myself going with dark chocolate which I got on discount that turned out to have the worst after-taste ever :<) so I could post it today! Because of this there might be some errors in there. But hopefully not, I tried to rush without being sloppy but it doesn't always work that well for me... x'D

I have a lot to say about this game so if you want to read some of my notes about this game then I'd recommend you to read on the website under the game! So please, if you have complaints, read the notes before sending those to me. :)

Other than that, please enjoy! :D
Doll: Danielle by Missangest
Doll: Danielle
My first original character doll repaint! :'D

She was originally a Bratz doll, you can check a before and after picture here: 
Danielle: before and after by Missangest
(I'm sorry about the bad before picture, I really need to remember taking proper before pictures... >.<)

I went for a musical theme with her. The piano headband was originally supposed to be around her waist, but it didn't look good so I just made a headband of it instead. :')

It's her original hair as it was thick enough even after relaxing it and getting rid of all the tangles three times. Also I'm kinda out of funds so I can't make wigs for a while... xD
I'm not very good at sewing, but I did my best. I noticed that I got a much better result using textile glue for the edges rather than sewing everything. So on the skirts I got the clean edges with glue and sewed the parts which needed something stronger, to be sure that it would stay that way (even though the glue turned out to be strong as heck).

I will stick to simple clothing. When I tried to make her a more complex shirt I just found that it drained all the fun out of it as I really do not like sewing. So I think I'm better off putting more efforts into the repaint and wig making (when I can get that started). I will also stick to makeup free characters (some blushing though), simply because it's what I prefer. :)

This might be for sale. However, things are a bit tricky for me as I might be partly on benefits (my application is still pending...). So I need to talk with them and be 100% sure that selling this would not mess with my chances of being approved or force me to pay back a month or several months of entire payments (the financial support is essential for me to be able to move away from her and help my mental state, so I really don't want to take any risks at this point :)). But hopefully we come to an agreement, especially since this is still just a hobby for me. Even though it is connected to my art, I'm doing this on my free time, not on work time. So keep your fingers crossed! If I can sell this I could be able to get to wig making! :D Financing the hobby with the hobby! :D

But for now I'll move on to getting some artwork of her done and I keep her in a box so she won't get damaged or dirty while I'm still uncertain of her fate. If I can sell her then I will include a high quality print of the drawing with her. It would be like buying an adoptable but instead of it being just virtually, you'd also get a doll of the character! :D I think that would be a neat and fun idea and I hope to be able to keep it up. At one point I might even be able to make this a part of my job, that would be absolutely awesome! :') But for now I practise and just have fun with it! :)
Rainbow Dash Equestria Girls repaint by Missangest
Rainbow Dash Equestria Girls repaint
People following me on facebook will know that I've picked up a new hobby. I just wanted something relaxing but preferably still artsy to do when not stressing out over work art. Doll repainting turned out to be really fun and I'm pretty deep in it now. :la:

I wanted to do exaggerated eyes as it is an MLP doll, but I just think that the original face does not suit Rainbow Dash at all. She's more... edgy... She needed to be about 20% cooler which I hope I achieved!
Please bear with me for now as I just started doing this and we're all beginners to well... begin with! :') I need a lot of practising!

So yeah, it started off with finding a Rainbow Dash doll on discount... and now I'm here with a brand new magnifying lamp, airbrush compressor, airbrush (my mom actually had a brand new which she didn't want so she gave it to me for free! THANKS MOM :D), a bunch of materials needed for the bases (acrylic medium, matte varnish and a bunch of pencils added to the colored pencils and acrylics that I already had), 6 dolls waiting waiting to be painted (two new ones from a local toy stores sale and four found on flea markets), 1 doll with a finished paintjob and cut hair which I'm currently sewing clothes for, 1 finished doll (which is the RD one you see here) and a bunch of sewing materials...

This hobby turned out to be pretty... costly. x'D But to afford it I sold some lolita clothing and I also got some help from my dear mom. I'm also lucky to live in a town with a lot of second hand shops, so I got a lot of fabrics and a few dolls second hand to start out with! :) And of course I had some materials to begin with as I have done traditional art much more in the past. 

I'm very excited to continue doing this. I might sell some if they are in a good shape and the result turns out good. But I'm mostly doing this so I have a fun hobby to do as I recover from the stress, so the selling part may just be a nice bonus if I decide to reach that point. I have thought about the fact that it could be really fun to create OC's, make a doll of it and sell the doll along with a high quality print of the OC's artwork. But that would be more of a work thing to do later on if I decide to add this to my business, so not something I would do now. A good idea though given that I love to create new OC's but just never keep their stories up, that way I could just do the fun designing part and the buyer of the doll and character could develop the story if desired. ^.^

But yeah, for now, just fun! And I'd love to share the finished work of the dolls here on DeviantART. Hopefully you don't mind that I stray away a bit from my regular art. I mean, I still do the games and I still do regular art, but I also do this now but on much more relaxed level and only on my free time. :)

Six older games updated with save buttons!

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 13, 2015, 6:48 AM

A quick update! Six of my older games has been updated with working save buttons. :D Those were the only ones I still had the FLA files of, but it's something! :'D

The games are: 

Lolita in the Rain:…
Toy Creator:…
Ghost Creator:…
Catgirl Creator:…
Warrior of Nature:…

Please enjoy! :D
That's it for now, se you all later! :D


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FoxyPirate56912 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey uh, Missanest? could I use some of your games to create adoptables if I give you credit?
Missangest Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Yes, that's completely fine! :)
FoxyPirate56912 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ok, thank you!
ArtemisPony Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2015  New Deviant Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I just wanted to say this. I. LOVE. YOUR. DRESS-UP GAMES. HOLY CRAP. I LOVE that you make the girls look actually healthy and normal sizes, and I really LOVE your art style. Especially the Princess Tea Party dress up game. Oh my god. Keep up the awesomeness, man!
Missangest Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Aaaw, thank you so much! :'D
SaraSapphire89 Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I am really happy for your Princess Tea Party dress Up game! One of the princesses in my webcomic is in a wheelchair, and I was able to make her perfectly, and it's just really cool how diverse your games are! 
Missangest Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
I'm so happy to read that, thank you for telling me! :')
SaraSapphire89 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for making such fantastic games! :>
Missangest Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
Aaw, thank you! :'D
p-erfectionism Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
hi um i uh just wanted to tell u that u are fabulous okk stay fabulous :thumbsup:
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