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Game creations and artworks

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Creations made through my games and artworks partly or fully inspired by any of my games!

Since I love seeing and sharing what people make with my games (or by inspiration from my games) I figured it would be neat the feature some of them here! :D

Some screen captures from the games may have been edited as well which is perfectly fine! But just mentioning in case you see something that you can't find in my games!



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Commissions - list and information!

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 18, 2012, 7:23 AM

Last updated: 2015-06-19

UPDATE: Lineart/sketches pricelist updated! These fast and cheaper commissions are now available (before I had only sketch and lineart options), giving you four options to choose from. All of the other commission type and prices are the same. :)

Commssions are OPEN!

I accept some commissions through the DeviantART commission widget as well, you can order them from below. If you choose to purchase a commission through that I won't need your name, country or e-mail.
However they are more expensive as DeviantART takes a fee for the service.

Commission list

(Non deviant commission) x5
Commissions ordered after this one will be worked on, but I will work on both the commission batch and the new commission so the pictures will be done slower than usual! :)
-open slot-
-open slot-

Price list

 If you want more characters drawn but in separate pictures it will be full price for both.
 When ordering a commission from me I will need your e-mail, name and country. This is for my paperwork as the taxes varies depending on where you live. If you have a billing adress on your paypal visible I can simply get it from there. The e-mail adress is needed because I will send the invoice to it.
 The following prices are for personal use. For commercial use the price varies depending on the use.
 For changes to be made I charge 20USD per hour spent on fixing the picture, this goes for all stages (sketch, lineart, flat colours and shading). Getting to see the process is free as long as you're not requesting any changes or request changes that are fixed under a total of one hour.
 You can request to be an anonymous commissioner, if that's the case I won't show who commissioned the artwork if you allow me to post it online.

Normal anime characters / detailed creatures

Linearts / Sketches

All types are full body (but of course can be made as a headshot or bust/ waist up if wanted)
Sketch - 20USD (+10 for each additional character)
Shaded sketch (black and white) - 25USD (+13 for each additional character)
Coloured sketch - 30USD (+15 for each additional character)
Lineart - 35USD (+18 for each additional character)
Background: +20USD (simple backgrounds are added for free)

Tiny lady Missangest - lineart by Missangest That's not going to work by Missangest Ouch by Missangest

Fully coloured with soft shading

Head shot - 34USD (+17 for each additional character)
Bust or waist up - 42USD (+21 for each additional character)
Full body - 50USD (+25 for each additional character)
Background: +25USD (simple backgrounds are added for free)

Fan art: Shizuma and Haruki by Missangest Fan art: I found you by Missangest Commission: Weiss and Elsa by Missangest

Chibi humans or other simple creatures

Lineart - 18USD (+9 for each additional character)
Fully coloured with shading - 34USD (+17 for each additional character)
Background: +20USD (simple backgrounds are added for free)

   Fan art: Lickilicky and Stunfisk dakimakura by Missangest Fan art: Mega Ampharos dakimakura by Missangest Commission: Moon Dancer by Missangest

Dress up games

Each game comes with a free base. You can choose to have the hair and/or face as solid items on the base instead of being changable through the categories.

Basic - 150USD (including 5 types of customizable content with up up to 5 items in each + 5 drag-and-drop items)
Medium - 200USD (including 7 of customizable content with up up to 10 items in each + 10 drag-and-drop items)
High content - 250USD (including 10 of customizable content up up to 15 items in each + 15 drag-and-drop items)

Completely drag and drop based game - 100USD (including 10 drag and drop items) with 10USD added to the sum for each additional item requested.

For personal use: The commissioned dress up games will be sent to you through mail as a SFW file but can also be uploaded here so you can play it online if you want to! (If you allow me to put an ad into the game and post on sites I will give you 20% off the price!)
For commercial use: If you want me to make a game for your site that's perfectly fine too and I won't upload it here so it can only be played on your site! (If you allow me to put an ad into the game I will give you 10% off the price!)

Create and dress up a warrior of nature by Missangest Create and dress up a ghost game by Missangest Game commission: Lolita in the rain creator by Missangest


That's all from me! If you got any questions just feel free to ask me!


Chibi or simple creature full body + colour (1 character)
Stick a cupcake in my eye! by Missangest
Irenka chibi by Missangest
Creatures with simple anatomy such as ponies goes as chibis! I can also make a creature with complicated anatomy but simplify it. A simple background is included but I can also just leave it blank or transparent.

If you're uncertain wether the creature you want drawn is simple enough you can just ask me! :)
Full body anime (1 character)
Aoi character sheet by Missangest
Rukiya character sheet by Missangest
Maya character sheet by Missangest
One full body fully coloured and shaded anime character (I accept anthro and animals/monsters as well). A simple background is included but I can keep the background plain white if you prefer that as well. I can also make simple character sheets as the examples provided shows.


Love wins by Missangest
Love wins
First of all, congratulations to all of the people who can start planning their weddings! :D I remember when same-sex was legalised here in Sweden (2009), it wasn't many years after I had come out of the closet and it was such a happy time! :')

EDIT: I just want to add, if someone entered this picture in hope to read something like and article then I'm sorry, as I will mention below, I can't say much in the place for everybody within LGBTQ. But this is an attempt to encourage people to research a bit about what LGBTQ stands for so you don't just put a flag up without even realising what it stands for! :)

I hope that people see this as an opportunity to educate others and yourself about LGBTQ. So that you can find ways to be more including and continue working towards equality with us. I'm not an exeption, I only belong to the L and every day I learn more things about transgenders, bisexuals, genderfluids, pansexuals and everybody else that is out there. Sometimes I even find out about terms I haven't even heard before! Understanding is the way to equality, for everybody.  

I just want to remind people of the fact that there's more to this than just putting a pride flag on your profile picture. I ask of you to please continue to support LGBTQ even after this trend dies out. To stand up for us when people say homophobic things. To stand up for us when a hate crime is happening. Personally, I also want to ask you to educate your children (in an age appropriate way of course).

I've lived a sheltered life (by choice, I've never had the desire to get out a lot) so I haven't given homophobes many opportunities to take actions towards me, hence I'm pretty spared when it comes to hate crimes (except from people on the internet, but at least I haven't been hit or spit on because of my sexuality). My biggest issue was that nobody told me about it. Not the school, nobody at home and barely anything on TV either (even when I saw something on tv it was so distant that I just never related and thought that I could be lesbian myself). Causing me to think that I was sick (although a lot of homophobes in fact consider me sick now) and perverted for having the same feelings towards another girl which all of my friends had towards guys... Because I really thought that I was sick and perverted, I never told anyone about it. I don't want people to have to feel that way. Maybe I was the dumb one for not connecting the pieces, a lot of people know exactly how they are without anyone educating them. But I didn't and I wasted so many years trying to live like the norm. 

I don't want people to have to do that. It sucks (in lack of better words). But what I do want people to get to experience, is going to bed at night snuggling up to someone and feeling that everything is as it should be. To get to hold someones hand and feeling really excited about it even though you're just... holding someones hand. Also sexy times. Sexy times with someone you love, that's a pretty nice thing right there but I may have minors following me so I'm probably going to end that thing... there. Then of course everybody should get to get married to the person they love, if their desire is to get married.

So this is a huge victory for equal rights. But I beg of you, if you're not a part of the LGBTQ, don't forget about us once the trend dies out will ya? It's a choice for you, it's not for us.

Akari Akazaki (Good Job) [V3] 
George the potted T-Rex by Missangest
George the potted T-Rex
The story begins a few days ago. I walk outside but notice something strange on the ground. It looks like someone has been digging between the cobble right outside my door and in the mud I find... half a T-Rex. Jurassic World is making strange things happen. I felt bad over the fact that it was just half a T-Rex though... So I adopted him, his name is George and we're growing him legs now.

There he is. You're fabulous George.
George by Missangest

Okay. I'll get back to game making now. See this is what happens when you don't have inspiration for coats, you end up drawing literally anything else.

-> Patreon
-> Commission list and information
Fan art: Final Fantasy: Crysis Squats by Missangest
Fan art: Final Fantasy: Crysis Squats
I'm just going to sit here and imagine that this was the actual ending just so I can get on emotionally.

Cry just finished playing FF: Crisis Core. That's it guys, time to get away from the computer and back to fun in the sun... Maybe starting out with some squats!

Zack is from Final Fantasy 7 (this part from Crisis Core) and belong to Square Enix.
Cryaotic belong to... Cryaotic (youtuber).

-> Patreon
-> Commission list and information
I was supposed to go the bed one hour ago but then my sister posted this status on facebook telling that one of her dogs Lana, apparently realised today that socks are freaking terrifying. But it doesn't end there. Her other dog, Neo, quickily decided to resolve the situation by good old CBT, in other words: he threw the sock on Lanas face.

It was too good not to draw. My only regret is not being there and seeing that event first hand. Oh Neo you big fluff of goof! Llama Emoji-74 (My kawaii cheeks) [V4] 

I'll go to bed now.

-> Patreon
-> Commission list and information
Thanks Nils by Missangest
Thanks Nils
What a delightfully adorable little asshole he is... 

Well, shame on me though. If he pees in the suitcase he clearly does it because he doesn't want to go where he's supposed to. It doesn't surprise me as I recently changed the litter from the harmful cheap piece of shit from the grocery store, to an ecologic (and surprisingly not THAT much more expensive) kind which is safer for him, me and the environment. He has done his needs like normal for the entire week so I was sure that he was fine with it... But then this happened. I'm going to wait and see though, I just cleaned the litter box and now I'll keep a close eye on him to see if he refuses to go on there or if he keeps on going there as normal. If he does then it's not the litter box, then I gotta find out why he did this. I'll find out what he's upset about whatever it may be (and yes, he's fixed)!

Either way I wish that he could have made his point ANYWHERE but the freaking suitcase which is a bitch to clean! But he keeps on being so adorable that I just can't be mad at him... He also headbumped me when I had my migraine aura this morning and I will claim that his magical headbumping was the reason to why the migraine was very mild this time. You're forgiven magical adorable being.

-> Patreon
-> Commission list and information


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