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Last updated: 2014-04-18

EDIT: Explanation of the commission process step by step is added for first time commissioners! It's right after the price list! :)

I accept some commissions through the DeviantART commission widget as well, you can order them from below. If you choose to purchase a commission through that I won't need your name, adress or e-mail.
However they are more expensive as DeviantART takes a fee for the service.

Commission list

(Private commercial commissions) x3
-open slot-
-open slot-
-open slot-
-open slot-

Price list

 If you want more characters drawn but in separate pictures it will be full price for both.
 When ordering a commission from me I will need your e-mail, name and adress. This is for my paperwork as the taxes varies depending on where you live. If you have a billing adress on your paypal visible I can simply get it from there. The e-mail adress is needed because I will send the invoice to it.
 The following prices are for personal use. For commercial use the price varies depending on the use.
 I can show you the process but for changes to be made I charge 20USD per hour spent on fixing the picture, this goes for all stages (sketch, lineart, flat colours and shading). You have to tell me if you want to see the process (otherwise I'll go ahead and finish it on my own which will be a lot faster). Getting to see the process is free as long as you're not requesting any changes.
 You can request to be an anonymous commissioner, if that's the case I won't show who commissioned the artwork.


(These goes for all types of drawings such as anime and chibi as well as headshots and full bodies)

Normal sketch on a white background: 10USD (+5 for each additional character)
Sketch with colours and cell shading: 16USD (+8 for each additional character)
Background: +8USD
Safe zone by Missangest Lady Missangest by Missangest Mawile got a taste for Zubats. by Missangest

Normal anime characters / detailed creatures


Head shot - 18USD (+9 for each additional character)
Bust or waist up - 24USD (+12 for each additional character)
Full body - 26USD (+13 for each additional character)
Background: +15USD

Irenka guarding the forest - lineart by Missangest Tiny lady Missangest - lineart by Missangest Despair lineart by Missangest

Fully coloured with soft shading

Head shot -  34USD (+17 for each additional character)
Bust or waist up - 42USD (+21 for each additional character)
Full body - 50USD (+25 for each additional character)
Background: +25USD

  Still comfy there with your crown? by Missangest Fan art: Hush now by Missangest Unable to fit in society. by Missangest

Chibi humans or other simple creatures

Lineart - 18USD (+9 for each additional character)
Fully coloured with shading - 34USD (+17 for each additional character)
Background: +20USD

 Fan art: Pinkieballoon by Missangest Commission: Triple Trouble by Missangest Commission: Tari by Missangest

Dress up games

Each game comes with a free base. You can choose to have the hair and/or face as solid items on the base instead of being changable through the categories.
Basic - 150USD (including 5 types of customizable content with up up to 5 items in each + 5 drag-and-drop items)
Medium - 200USD (including 7 of customizable content with up up to 10 items in each + 10 drag-and-drop items)
High content - 250USD (including 10 of customizable content up up to 15 items in each + 15 drag-and-drop items)

Completely drag and drop based game - 100USD (including 10 drag and drop items) with 10USD added to the sum for each additional item requested.

For personal use: The commissioned dress up games will be sent to you through mail as a SFW file but can also be uploaded here so you can play it online if you want to! (If you allow me to put an ad into the game and post on sites I will give you 20% off the price!)
For commercial use: If you want me to make a game for your site that's perfectly fine too and I won't upload it here so it can only be played on your site! (If you allow me to put an ad into the game I will give you 10% off the price!)

How to commission me, step by step process!

● First you contact me through either a note here on DeviantART or to my e-mail adress ( In the e-mail you explain to me what you'd like to commission and other useful information (such as: if you want to see the progress of it or if you'd like it to be an anonymous commission)
● I will respond by either accepting the commission, denying the commission or ask more questions about it to you.
● If your commission has been accepted I will put your name (or anonymous if you'd prefer that) on the list.
● You will get an invoice of the first half of the payment to your e-mail (through PayPal). 
● Once the first half of the payment is accepted I will start drawing. 
● Depending on if you want to see the process or not I will send you process pictures of the sketch, lineart, flats and the fully finished picture (+ eventual changes that has to be made).
● You will get a low quality version of the finished picture sent to you.
● If there's no changes to be made to the final picture I will send you the invoice for the second half of the picture with eventual additional fees if the amount of changes to be made has exceeded one hour.
● When the invoice is paid I will send you the full version of the picture.
● If you allow it I will upload it to my art pages, if you want me to mention something in the description of it (your username is always mentioned unless you want to stay anonymous) I'll add it as well.

So that's it! I might as well add that if I've worked for you before this process is generally a lot faster and more relaxed as I will know that I can trust you and you can trust me. :)

What I agree and not agree on drawing!

If you're unsure wether I will draw what you want or not, just ask me! :)

I agree on drawing
1. Furry/anthro
2. Shoujo ai, shounen ai as well as straight couples
4. Gore
5. Animals (I am willing to try pretty much any type of animal or creature but I will inform you if I'm unsecure about it)
6. Ecchi (pictures implying a sexual theme while not being directly sexual, like panty-shots and such)

I do NOT agree on drawing
1. Pictures with a homophobic, sexist or racist theme. (or anything else in this manner)
2. Pictures with pornographic content. (if you're unsure wether your picture goes as porn or ecchi you can always ask me and I'll tell you wether it's fine or not)


That's all from me! If you got any questions just feel free to ask me!


Chibi or simple creature full body + colour (1 character)
Stick a cupcake in my eye! by Missangest
Irenka chibi by Missangest
Creatures with simple anatomy such as ponies goes as chibis! I can also make a creature with complicated anatomy but simplify it. A simple background is included but I can also just leave it blank or transparent.

If you're uncertain wether the creature you want drawn is simple enough you can just ask me! :)
Full body anime (1 character)
Aoi character sheet by Missangest
Rukiya character sheet by Missangest
Maya character sheet by Missangest
One full body fully coloured and shaded anime character (I accept anthro and animals/monsters as well). A simple background is included but I can keep the background plain white if you prefer that as well. I can also make simple character sheets as the examples provided shows.
Sketches with colours (1 character)
Mawile got a taste for Zubats. by Missangest
Mawile by Missangest
Mawile chibi by Missangest
 You can choose between all the types of characters that I offer which are chibis, normal anime characters or creepy characters. These all goes for humans as well as anthros and animals/monsters. A simple background is included.


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May i reuse your humanized mlp just so i can do the other four of my ocs, and use your android maker for dorothy?
Missangest Mar 29, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Of course! :)
Thank you so much for the favourite :iconallmyloveplz:
Mattpwnsall Mar 16, 2014  Student Artist
Hi :D
Mattpwnsall Mar 2, 2014  Student Artist

Hi there :D

How are you today? :D

JamtRaven Feb 21, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Alltid härligt med "lokala" talanger, särskilt när de ritar Anime ;)
DNFTT2011 Feb 16, 2014  Professional General Artist
Watch already,dam it!
Davey-the-6th-moon Feb 11, 2014  Student Writer
I took a quick look at your work and it looks very lovely! Watched!
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