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Last updated: 2014-11-14

You can also contact me through e-mail at!

Commssions are OPEN!

I accept some commissions through the DeviantART commission widget as well, you can order them from below. If you choose to purchase a commission through that I won't need your name, adress or e-mail.
However they are more expensive as DeviantART takes a fee for the service.

Commission list

-open slot-
-open slot-
-open slot-
-open slot-
-open slot-

Price list

 If you want more characters drawn but in separate pictures it will be full price for both.
 When ordering a commission from me I will need your e-mail, name, town and country. This is for my paperwork as the taxes varies depending on where you live. If you have a billing adress on your paypal visible I can simply get it from there. The e-mail adress is needed because I will send the invoice to it.
 The following prices are for personal use. For commercial use the price varies depending on the use.
 I can show you the process but for changes to be made I charge 20USD per hour spent on fixing the picture, this goes for all stages (sketch, lineart, flat colours and shading). You have to tell me if you want to see the process (otherwise I'll go ahead and finish it on my own which will be a lot faster). Getting to see the process is free as long as you're not requesting any changes or request changes that are fixed under a total of 30 minutes.
 You can request to be an anonymous commissioner, if that's the case I won't show who commissioned the artwork.

Normal anime characters / detailed creatures

Linearts / Sketches

Head shot - 18USD (+9 for each additional character)
Bust or waist up - 22USD (+11 for each additional character)
Full body - 26USD (+13 for each additional character)
Background: +15USD

Irenka guarding the forest - lineart by Missangest Tiny lady Missangest - lineart by Missangest That's not going to work by Missangest

Fully coloured with soft shading

Head shot -  34USD (+17 for each additional character)
Bust or waist up - 42USD (+21 for each additional character)
Full body - 50USD (+25 for each additional character)
Background: +25USD

Fan art: A big tasty stew by Missangest The laughter by Missangest Commission: Nurse Mercy by Missangest

Chibi humans or other simple creatures

Lineart - 18USD (+9 for each additional character)
Fully coloured with shading - 34USD (+17 for each additional character)
Background: +20USD

  Commission: Triple Trouble by Missangest Fan art: Lickilicky and Stunfisk dakimakura by Missangest Fan art: Mega Ampharos dakimakura by Missangest

Dress up games

Each game comes with a free base. You can choose to have the hair and/or face as solid items on the base instead of being changable through the categories.
Basic - 150USD (including 5 types of customizable content with up up to 5 items in each + 5 drag-and-drop items)
Medium - 200USD (including 7 of customizable content with up up to 10 items in each + 10 drag-and-drop items)
High content - 250USD (including 10 of customizable content up up to 15 items in each + 15 drag-and-drop items)

Completely drag and drop based game - 100USD (including 10 drag and drop items) with 10USD added to the sum for each additional item requested.

For personal use: The commissioned dress up games will be sent to you through mail as a SFW file but can also be uploaded here so you can play it online if you want to! (If you allow me to put an ad into the game and post on sites I will give you 20% off the price!)
For commercial use: If you want me to make a game for your site that's perfectly fine too and I won't upload it here so it can only be played on your site! (If you allow me to put an ad into the game I will give you 10% off the price!)

Catgirl create and dress up game by Missangest Create and dress up a warrior of nature by Missangest Create and dress up a ghost game by Missangest


That's all from me! If you got any questions just feel free to ask me!


Hello everybody!

Just realised that I posted the result on my facebook page but forgot to mention it here! Sorry about the delay, a lot is going on right now so I easily forget about some things!

I had an event from the 17'th of October to the 17'th of November with my Warrior of Nature game where 50% of the revenue would be donated to Cancerfonden (the Swedish organisation for cancer research and awareness). I ended up getting 67USD from the game which is a bit more than I generally get from a game during not only a month but the first month too (when most money is generated from a game) so I'm satisfied with the result! 33,5USD was converted to 250SEK and it was donated to Cancerfonden on the 18'th of November!

Thank you all for the support you have given during this event! It's not a huge donation, but it's something and we raised it together! If I could hug you through the screen I'd do that but for now I guess a mental hug will have to do! :hug:

I hope that we can do this again next year (or try to raise money for other causes as well) and raise even more! :D

I'll see you guys very soon again with more games and art! :la:

(It's in Swedish but figured I'd share it anyway! But it says "Thank you, your gift saves lives!" and then just about sharing it with friends on facebook or twitter! :) )
Hope is done by Missangest
Hope is done
Sometimes the biggest enemy is that one that you can never flee from. It knows everything about you and therefore exactly what to say to eat you up from the inside, you can't argue against it, it will always be right. Because just like the external voices, it knows exactly what you deserve and will pick up from where they left when you fled from them.

That's when you need someone to fight you for you.

Well, this was vent art. As most of my sketches, but it also allows me to update some on J.D.H! When Hope starts developing a brain she'll eventually regain all of her memories and she's allowed to see everything as it is. She can't take it. Hate takes over her and she tears her heart out as she turns into Jealousy. Hope fears Jealousy but she can't do anything about turning into her. But also, Jealousy fears Despair and can't do anything about it either. Jealousy is based on hate towards others, Despair is based on hate towards herself and is bound to be self-destructive until she gets what she wants and dies. Although she'll reincarnate into Hope anyway and the circle goes on and on. 

Well this wasn't the happiest thing I've drawn or written. I think I'll go back to my cute and happy game now instead! STUFFED ANIMALS! Llama Emoji-03 (Sparkles) [V1] 

Characters are Hope and Jealousy who belong to me. You can find out more about them in my OC gallery!

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Create and dress up a ghost game by Missangest
Create and dress up a ghost game
Play the game here:…

Aaaaand it wasn't even close to finished near Halloween. Well darn it. xD 
It's done at least and I had a great time making it! When I started running out of ideas I started looking up 19'th century fashion as I thought it would be neat to have the option to make a ghost from a long time ago! :D I am not an expert on the area though so the clothing is probably not 100% accurate! xD 

Most new things in this game are minor but I might as well mention them anyway!
New things in this game:
- Drag and drop background items and hair is now also multicolored.
- Random button is improved. This isn't a huge change but I wanted to fix it anyway as I actually knew how to fix that! xD The issue with the old button and the new ways of coding the game is that it would never pick the empty frame. Meaning that the freckles for example, it would always pick one of the two options of having freckles, but never removing it. This could make the character seem cluttered since it would put on everything. Also if the top hair is picked, it won't pick middle or bottom hair either, avoiding strange looking combinations (it tends to look odd if no top hair is picked but middle and bottom hair is). Also if the hijab is picked, no middle or bottom hair option will be picked. As mentioned, a small change but I still wanted to do it, haha! 
- Head shape is now an option! I can't make different bodytypes an option, but I wanted to explore the possibility of having different headshapes an option. It was actually working out much easier than I thought although I could put more diversity in it, I'll think about that for my next game!
- Background is now smaller and not covered by the menu. Even though you'll have a smaller area to decorate, I think that this is appreciated as a part of the picture isn't covered by the menu, I think it's much easier to use when you don't have to hide the menu to uncover a part of the picture which is rarely used anyway. I'll probably stick to keep doing my games this way! :)
- Hair is now separated as bangs, hair on the sides (in front of shoulders) and hair in the back. (instead of two parts of the hair being behind the shoulders) I want to thank for the idea of making the middle part of the hair another part that goes in front of the shoulders (I got a comment about this, didn't think about it myself until then). I think that I can definitely do it better than I did in this game, but separating the hair as bangs, hair on the sides and hair on the back is a great way of doing it I think. The issue is that I somehow managed to forgot about that idea and comment until I had done almost all of the front hair (bangs) and therefore the hair on the sides is still included in some of the top hair, I will remember it for the next game though! :)

That's it for this game! As always, I hope that you will enjoy it! :D

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Fan art: Mega Ampharos dakimakura by Missangest
Fan art: Mega Ampharos dakimakura
Here goes the other side of the dakimakura with my absolute favourite Pokémon, Mega Ampharos! :la: Ampharosite - Because you're worth it.
Also whenever I see Mega Ampharos, the tail reminds me of ice cream and I get ice cream cravings...

Well! I'm happy with how these pictures turned out, it turned out to actually be one of my good ideas! Now I'll just have to get the money so I can order the daki, which will probably wait until after Christmas because you know, gifts! xD But I'm still excited to see the result, I worked in as high quality as I could so the print should hopefully look good! :D

Other side of the daki with Lickilicky and Stunfisk: 
Fan art: Lickilicky and Stunfisk dakimakura by Missangest

I might as well also add the text that I added for the other side of the daki! You are allowed to use this too if you would want to! I am a dummy! (this is 50% of the full size though, DA wouldn't allow me to upload the full one, too big I think. But if there's any interest I might find a way to put the full version up)
You're not allowed to sell it though, I am not allowed to sell it either as I do not own the characters! This was made just for fun and only to print it for myself, not to gain any profit from it!

The characters are from Pokémon and belong to Nintendo.

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Chibi or simple creature full body + colour (1 character)
Stick a cupcake in my eye! by Missangest
Irenka chibi by Missangest
Creatures with simple anatomy such as ponies goes as chibis! I can also make a creature with complicated anatomy but simplify it. A simple background is included but I can also just leave it blank or transparent.

If you're uncertain wether the creature you want drawn is simple enough you can just ask me! :)
Full body anime (1 character)
Aoi character sheet by Missangest
Rukiya character sheet by Missangest
Maya character sheet by Missangest
One full body fully coloured and shaded anime character (I accept anthro and animals/monsters as well). A simple background is included but I can keep the background plain white if you prefer that as well. I can also make simple character sheets as the examples provided shows.


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lorcasballad Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Artist
Thank you for making a game with a girl in a wheelchair. I feel weird saying this, because a simple sentence like that really doesn't convey how important this is to me. I do not have a physical disability, but I do have a mental one. See, people with disabilities? We don't get representation unless it's a crappy inspirational story about how we're so incredible for doing a simple thing that society literally requires us to do.

The representation you've provided? It's nothing like that. It's a girl in a wheelchair, and she is beautiful, and having fun, and she is a PRINCESS. That means so much. There's no sob story. 

I rarely play dress up games, and I really only do to help with costume design ideas (I'm a game design student). I came across your game by chance. I couldn't stop smiling when playing it.

When I read the comments, I cried, because a little girl had gone and commented that she had never before been able to make herself as a doll before.

I may not be the person represented, but I'm still grateful.

Thank you.
Missangest Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you for writing this. This type of comment always brighten up the day and to even get it from a game design student! I will keep on working hard so I can make more games that as many as possible can relate to and I keep nice comments like these in mind. 

I hope you'll have a great day! :)
FairyofThunder22 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2014
I just finished playing your new game. I really like it and I thought you'd like to see what I came up with: Ghost Bride by FairyofThunder22
Missangest Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Ooh, neat! :D
ValkyrieRowan Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
Absolutely adore your artwork and am particularly a fan of your dress up games. The style and creativity is one of my favorites of any other I've seen.

I think it could really benefit from more accessories particularly necklaces & bracelets though I know with some clothes superimposing can be an issue. Also loving the two tone hair on the new game though finding matching three pieces can be difficult sometimes for that but I do love the increased customization. (maybe have the middle piece only go along the sides of the face?)

I'd also love if you could do some more scifi/steampunk stuff whenever but either way thanks for some great work for all of us to enjoy <3
Missangest Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you for the feedback! I'll keep that in mind for future games and I'll try to look into some scifi stuff so I can include it! As a steampunk-fan myself I just realised that I'm a bit surprised that I haven't added any of that kind of attire yet, however I'm glad that you reminded me because some steampunk influences might actually work in my next game! ^.^
ValkyrieRowan Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
Looking forward to it! :D
Swedee-girl Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I really love your dress up games! It's nice to see some models that aren't super skinny or have huge boobs or whatever. They actually kind of look like normal people!
Du är en jättebra artist! :D
Missangest Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Åh, tack så mycket! :'D 
EillaThePortalMaker Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2014  New member Hobbyist Artist
How do you save the pic you make?
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