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Game creations and artworks

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Creations made through my games and artworks partly or fully inspired by any of my games!

Since I love seeing and sharing what people make with my games (or by inspiration from my games) I figured it would be neat the feature some of them here! :D

Some screen captures from the games may have been edited as well which is perfectly fine! But just mentioning in case you see something that you can't find in my games!



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Commissions - list and information!

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 18, 2012, 7:23 AM

Last updated: 2015-03-06

Commssions are OPEN!

I accept some commissions through the DeviantART commission widget as well, you can order them from below. If you choose to purchase a commission through that I won't need your name, country or e-mail.
However they are more expensive as DeviantART takes a fee for the service.

Commission list

-open slot-
-open slot-
-open slot-

Price list

 If you want more characters drawn but in separate pictures it will be full price for both.
 When ordering a commission from me I will need your e-mail, name and country. This is for my paperwork as the taxes varies depending on where you live. If you have a billing adress on your paypal visible I can simply get it from there. The e-mail adress is needed because I will send the invoice to it.
 The following prices are for personal use. For commercial use the price varies depending on the use.
 For changes to be made I charge 20USD per hour spent on fixing the picture, this goes for all stages (sketch, lineart, flat colours and shading). Getting to see the process is free as long as you're not requesting any changes or request changes that are fixed under a total of one hour.
 You can request to be an anonymous commissioner, if that's the case I won't show who commissioned the artwork if you allow me to post it online.

Normal anime characters / detailed creatures

Linearts / Sketches

Head shot - 18USD (+9 for each additional character)
Bust or waist up - 22USD (+11 for each additional character)
Full body - 26USD (+13 for each additional character)
Background: +15USD

Irenka guarding the forest - lineart by Missangest Tiny lady Missangest - lineart by Missangest That's not going to work by Missangest

Fully coloured with soft shading

Head shot -  34USD (+17 for each additional character)
Bust or waist up - 42USD (+21 for each additional character)
Full body - 50USD (+25 for each additional character)
Background: +25USD

The laughter by Missangest Commission: Belle and Ariel by Missangest Fan art: Shizuma and Haruki by Missangest

Chibi humans or other simple creatures

Lineart - 18USD (+9 for each additional character)
Fully coloured with shading - 34USD (+17 for each additional character)
Background: +20USD

   Fan art: Lickilicky and Stunfisk dakimakura by Missangest Fan art: Mega Ampharos dakimakura by Missangest Commission: Moon Dancer by Missangest

Dress up games

Each game comes with a free base. You can choose to have the hair and/or face as solid items on the base instead of being changable through the categories.

Basic - 150USD (including 5 types of customizable content with up up to 5 items in each + 5 drag-and-drop items)
Medium - 200USD (including 7 of customizable content with up up to 10 items in each + 10 drag-and-drop items)
High content - 250USD (including 10 of customizable content up up to 15 items in each + 15 drag-and-drop items)

Completely drag and drop based game - 100USD (including 10 drag and drop items) with 10USD added to the sum for each additional item requested.

For personal use: The commissioned dress up games will be sent to you through mail as a SFW file but can also be uploaded here so you can play it online if you want to! (If you allow me to put an ad into the game and post on sites I will give you 20% off the price!)
For commercial use: If you want me to make a game for your site that's perfectly fine too and I won't upload it here so it can only be played on your site! (If you allow me to put an ad into the game I will give you 10% off the price!)

Create and dress up a warrior of nature by Missangest Create and dress up a ghost game by Missangest Game commission: Lolita in the rain creator by Missangest


That's all from me! If you got any questions just feel free to ask me!


Chibi or simple creature full body + colour (1 character)
Stick a cupcake in my eye! by Missangest
Irenka chibi by Missangest
Creatures with simple anatomy such as ponies goes as chibis! I can also make a creature with complicated anatomy but simplify it. A simple background is included but I can also just leave it blank or transparent.

If you're uncertain wether the creature you want drawn is simple enough you can just ask me! :)
Full body anime (1 character)
Aoi character sheet by Missangest
Rukiya character sheet by Missangest
Maya character sheet by Missangest
One full body fully coloured and shaded anime character (I accept anthro and animals/monsters as well). A simple background is included but I can keep the background plain white if you prefer that as well. I can also make simple character sheets as the examples provided shows.


Jeanne is recharging by Missangest
Jeanne is recharging
Jeanne recharges very slowly as her body do contain a whole bunch of... weapons. I have a few ideas to demonstrate what she's capable of but I need much more time for those pictures, but I am set to make it happen! Eventually. D:

The base I used for this picture is available for my patrons and I would very much appreciate it if you would consider supporting me on Patreon. You can do whatever you want with the base (except selling the altered one) and I will continue to work hard to give you as good rewards as I can! ^.^

This picture (as well as the base for it) is available in full quality for my patrons!

Commission list and information
Go get them by Missangest
Go get them
"who was the meanie?" "THAT ONE was the meanie, you can do whatever your want" 
If you don't feel like reading another one of my wall of texts: This picture basically depicts the thought of getting revenge in a violent way. Playing with the thought of what I'd do if Miss Jealousy was real and I would act out on my feelings. The feeling of finally stepping on others after years of being stepped on (and still to this day is being stepped on). 

A huge inspiration for this picture is actually a dream I had a long time ago (I'd say maybe half a year or so). Before I write about this I want to reassure everyone that I do not believe in violence (hit only in self-defense). I've never been a violent person, if I get really angry at someone I stay quiet and leave (if possible that is...). It's my way of showing that I do not approve of your shit and I will leave you alone in your shit to think about your shit. This however causes me to carry a lot of anger since I never let it out, I always keep it to myself. 

I'll go ahead and put a trigger warning for violence in the text below before going on.

Which takes me to this dream of mine. It all took place at one of my old schools (I've gone to five schools and been bullied in the first three), for whatever reason (dreams tends to have this random things going on) I had my sister and father with me as we walked in the hallway. We eventually met this one popular girl in class with her regular entourage who blocked out path. The popular girl proceeded with talking down to both me and my family members as her entourage started throwing these small white plastic balls on me. I did as I always did with the bullying, I stood there quietly and took it, eventually she got tired and they all walked past us in the hallway. But this is where years of suppressed anger started showing in my dreams. Because I picked up one of the plastic balls from the ground and walked after her. When I was just behind her I threw it in the back of her head, it wasn't that hard so it didn't do any damage but she turned around and she was probably about to say "what are you doing". Well, she never got to it because the moment she was turned against me I punched her right in the face so hard that she fell to the ground. I procceeded to sit on top of her and repeatedly punching her in the face. People around us started screaming but no one stopped me. Her face and my fists got more and more covered in her blood until I eventually woke up.

I certainly hope that you at this point still don't see me as a psychopath (assuming that you did not already do that), I can also tell you that I've flied with just my arms in my dreams so they aren't really that... realistic. It freaked myself out though, like a nightmare where you yourself are the scary part! This dream got stuck with me because I've never, EVER, dreamed a dream before where I've hurt another person, at least not what I can remember. I was so angry. Therefore I think that the furious and probably mentally disturbed dream version of me will be a good symbol to pose alongside Miss Jealousy. Years of suppressed anger all let out in one dream. Of course those silly but significant plastic balls had to be included.

I still do not believe in violence. I have actually glanced at people who has mistreated me as I've visited my old hometown, it has filled me with nausea and the feeling of actually wanting to punch them in the faces. But what would that solve really? Filling me with the same bad feeling that they hopefully (seeing as most sane people feel something after doing something bad towards someone) was filled with many years ago? Miss Jealousy and insane dream version of me will continue to live on in art which is the only place where they belong. 

For me, I'll continue to look for a healthy way to get out anger that I feel towards people in the past and people who continue to be assholes to this day. May people who act like crap and authorities that looks down upon people who are already in a vulnerable situation, forever stand in their own crap until they realise that they are in fact standing in their own crap. I will not punch you in the face, I will spare myself from that act.

Right now art is pretty much my only outlet for anger and I think that it's a good one. It doesn't hurt me, it doesn't hurt anybody else. But yeah, I do carry a lot of anger which is probably why Miss Jealousy is the most common character that I draw from my own. And it helps, not all the way, but it helps.

As far as everything else goes, I will continue on my game now. I have not found a solution on the advertising issue and I still, of course, needs funds in order to continue. But I will finish my next game (I only have one out of five categories done though so it will take some time), I will observe and see how much I get (of course counted by impressions and clicks so it's not just that the game itself is unsuccessful). If I still earn less by it I will have to reconsider my future with the games. If it however shows even a faint sign of hope of improvement or at least staying on the same level, then I will give the games one more go. We'll see how it goes. To tie the whole thing up: I will not be angry at the advertising company cutting down on my income anymore (or maybe I'll have a disturbing dream about repeatedly punching the logo of the advertising company).

The full version of this picture will be available on Patreon.

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Commission list and information
Commission: Codename Sakura by Missangest
Commission: Codename Sakura
A commission for my friend :iconwonderlandeyez:.

It's a banner and icon for her youtube channel:…
She has not posted anything yet though, but she will! She'll leave us here in Sweden for Japan and has promised to keep us updated (she has specifically promised me to eat a bunch of weird candies and send me strawberry pocky's). I hope she'll have a great time over there, just tell me if you get Marabou cravings, I'll help you out! (that was meant for Sakura though, I can't send everybody Marabou chocolate...)

I always enjoy getting to try out new styles but I'm still really nervous when it's a commission since I can't confirm how the end result will be. But I'm actually surprised over the result, I really like how it turned out! This did inspire me to try out some new things with my regular style as well. So thank you for trusting me with this! :D

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Commission list and information

Advertising company experience?

Fri Mar 6, 2015, 9:06 AM
Hey guys! I need to get some input from anyone out there who may have some experience with advertising companies! :)

The short story: If you have any experience with any advertising company (preferably one that offers ads for flash games), wether it may be a positive or negative experience, I'd love to hear what you have to say.

The long story:
I've had some issues with my current advertising company. Whenever I post my new games the eCPM dives down and therefore, despite my impressions and clicks being high, I earn even less than I normally do. Then some days or a week later the eCPM picks up a bit but there's no point since I don't have that many impressions or clicks anymore (it doesn't really rise above the skies, not even near to make up for the loss from the first couple of days). I contacted them the first time this happened and got the answer that it was because some event just ended and a new one would start soon which would make the eCPM pick up. So I left it at that and continued as normal. Now this has happened almost every time I've posted a new game since then. Is it really possible that I have matched an ending event every time since then? It's not very encouraging to post something you've spent weeks on just to realise that it doesn't really matter if you post new material or not. This is one of the reasons to why it didn't worry me to go down to one game every second month instead of every month, because I knew that it wouldn't make much of a difference money wise and I was right. There is a difference, but the difference is not big enough to justify making one game every month, it's just not worth it. 

Should it really be like that? Because when I started out I always earned more money the first days after a new game was released as I for obvious reasons had more impressions and clicks those days. 

I recently found out that someone else is experiencing these issues as well and that made me wonder that maybe I should look into other advertising companies. I've only had experience of this one so I'm not sure if another one would be different, but if your company allows you to earn more money when you have more impressions (which should be only fair right?) then I'd love to hear which company you get your ads from.
The ads allows me to continue making these games. As I've mentioned before, art is my ONLY source of income. Luckily I get my income from both commissions and ad revenues. But as you may understand, the ads doesn't give me a whole lot right now. Commissions are what saves my months but if I don't get any, I'm in trouble. When I started out I thought that my income from the games would slowly increase by each month as I posted new games to bring in money along with the old ones which keeps on generating (although less, still generating something), but instead I've actually gotten less and less each month despite posting new games (although of course counting out february where I did not post a new game until the very end of the month). I can tell by going through my bookkeeping that by June 2014 I reached my top in ad revenues and from there it only went downhill and has continued to sink (with an only exception of December 2014 where it picked up a little bit just to sink dramatically again). Another factor is that I live in Sweden so I convert the USD that I get to Swedish Crowns (SEK) and the Swedish Crown has sunk in value dramatically the last year which means that I get more crowns out of every dollar. Still, despite that I see a dramatic sinking in revenue, even after converted to SEK, so that says a lot. 

Is that really normal? I don't expect to earn a fortune out of my games, but I would expect to at least start earning a little bit more with time as I post more and better games. I spend so much more time and effort on my games now than I did a year ago and it just feels very disheartening to see this. 

So I'm hoping that there's anything to do about this, wether it may be changing company or something else. I need funds in order to be able to continue with this and the developement doesn't really make the future look to bright. Maybe it's just how it is with advertising, that sometimes it just sucks and you're not getting anything anymore. But at least I've looked it up then.

I have considered google ad (adsense) but you need at least 2 million impressions each month on your games in order to be approved and so far I have around 350,000 to 500,000 per month, so it's a long way to go. We have been thinking of a possible solution for this, but it's not sure that it will work so I keep on looking for other companies and inputs (too see if anything suggests that the issue I have is an issue all companies have).

I will also continue to promote my Patreon page since, as you can read, funds from there could really help out and decrease the dependence on advertising. But for now, the advertising is needed so I hope that I'll find a solution for this! 

Thank you for reading and I hope to get some input on this! :)

 photo adcompanyNOPE_zpsg5nvys32.png


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Lokimamabear903 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Had to pop in, say you are awesome and wonderful and you really have kept a smile on my face. I've been laid up, yet again, from a stomach surgery this go round. I've been playing your dress up games and making little references to characters I draw, or little cute outfits to inspire what i want to sew when I can get to my machine again. And overall being an overly emotional oaf.. I just want to say (and I probably have before) thank you so much for all the diversity you put in your games, all the option, and just all the beautiful care and love you put into them. it makes this stuck in bed lady have some fun and a way to fill they days, that just drag on and on and on, while I sit here  on the road to recovery. Thank you, so much.
Missangest Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you so much for taking the time to write this, it really brightened up my day! 
I hope that you'll get well soon. :hug:
Lokimamabear903 Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome. :3 and well to be fair I got whatever was making me so sick and miserable for the past years out. so thats something! >w< I still can't thank ya enough. :3 I hope you have a dose of wonderful in everyday, you deserve it with all the kindness you've done. XD now pardon me I'm gonna take my slightly overly emotional loopy butt and go play some more dressup! >w< Tackling hug 
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Thank you so much for adding me to your watch list, i am utterly flattered :heart: ~Theresa
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Thank you so much Billie for the fav! in "Fabulous Trinity"

NeonHeartThePony Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Your art is so beautiful!!!  >u<

I hope one day I can draw like you!

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Missangest Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Aaw, that's very sweet of you to write! Thanks but I bet you're great at drawing already! :'D
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Thank you very much for the favorite! It means a lot!!
Missangest Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Well, thank you for playing my game! :D
xXArtimisXx Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2015  Student General Artist
Of course! It was really fun! And it inspired me to tweak my character's appearance a bit. I want to thank you for that. ^^
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